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#Tips & Tricks Elekttra spillin' the tea on being a studio vs. indie model
🎥 Check out the interview for the lowdown on the perks and pitfalls of both gigs! Which one would you choose? 💁‍♀️

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2 months ago
2 months ago
2003 I had a rough start.

I answered an ad in the local paper to rent out a room that ended up being a shady guy running a webcam studio out of his house.

He learnt about the webcam business from his friends who needed help with their computers, because of his background in IT he figured it out quickly. I guess he browsed the websites then click become a studio, then started running ads in the local paper and recruited models.

The webcam bsuiness No eduction, no experience required, but you need to be able to see potential and opportunity.

Today if I ask the friend she will say she told him about the webcam business from her experience working in the strip clubs. 🤣 it's a lot of past drama.

I didn't know at the time I was locked into a webcam studio contract and I had to get the site to release my contract and set me up as an independent model that was 2004.

2008 I really wanted to work for Flirt4Free at the time to start with them you could only work with a studio. I found one through word of mouth and ads in the paper they called themselves "friendly computer guys".

so I signed up and worked one day and made $1.75 then that studio closed thier business, and luckily I remembered my Flirt4free account and was able to re-activate it and they were able to convert my account to be an independent studio.

The webcam business is not employment regulated, but the contracts are legally binding. so it is VERY important to understand the contracts and understand what role you play in the contract agreement. 💜💙❤️