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#New member Wanna make moolah!! Lol
I have an idea of how to promote myself from being on strip chat and a couple other sites but I just wasn't completely happy with them and so specifically for a ChatterBait if there's any tips anyone can give me on the best way to get a good following fast cuz I think you only get like seven promotional days I'm all ears and I'm really appreciate any help
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9 months ago
In the case of your stripchat account, try to verify yourself in the categories of your choice and in which you have the necessary materials.

Doing this will place you in these categories and thus you will get the desired traffic.
Level 11
9 months ago
Verifiable categories

We have special categories and holiday-specific categories that require verification, such as ASMR, BDSM, Oktoberfest or Valentine's Day. To appear in them, models must upload a sample video through Stream Specifics to verify that their show matches the category they have chosen. Please note that the model's face must be visible in a sample video.
9 months ago
welcome to cam101 x

You will find a lot of info available in the Getting Started and Skills section.

There is also a good walkthrough of one of the sites, you might find this a good read:

The Discord server is also a good place to ask any questions that you may have:

This is the link to the Beginner Guides that can be found in the Getting Started section under More For You.