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#Tech help Bots not working.
My bots aren't working. I emailed Stripchat and keep getting different responses from different people. Idk, how they expect to help when they have a different person respond each time. They told me my internet isn't the problem. I am using Google Chrome on an HP saving up for a new computer and Lovense 4k camera, but until then we just use the computer's camera. We are starting to take off and people love us and we want to keep them around. I want the boys to work. Anyone have advice?
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4 months ago
I would first suggest clearing your cache and restarting the browser. If that doesn't work, the try disabling the extensions, log out of StripChat, wait 5 minutes, re-login, and then re-enable the extension to see if that works. If it continues to fail, you might want to try StreamMaster and see if that works. You could even try the Edge browser and see if the results are any different.
replied to Lorum:
4 months ago
Thank you. I actually use Google Chrome for the Lovense Extension.
Level 15
4 months ago
you should try downloading the lovense browser! it's basically google chrome with the lovense extension built into it. life saver!
3 months ago
I work off streamaster. . . .works good with the lovense program