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#New toys Gemini Review
I was lucky to be asked to review the new Lovense Gemini ( to get a male perspective on this new toy. The Gemini is billed as a unisex, vibrating nipple clamp toy, but it can be used on any body part you wish. It’s definitely more in the BDMS-lite category than their other toys. In the box, it comes with the toy itself, a necklace/lanyard, toy clip, a charging cable, and a bag. The toy is light pink in color, not the well known Lovense Pink that is associated with its other popular camming toys. It looks like a USB headset connected to a fancy battery or bass speaker.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the toy. Though nipple play can be fun, I’m not into BDSM so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The motors on the toy put out good, strong vibrations and each clamp can be individually adjusted with the app or together with the on device button. It can also sync to music and be used with long distance sync’ing with the Nora, Max2, and Calor. The clamps have an adjustment knob on each so that you can, in theory, vary the level of clamping. The vibrations from the clamps I found excellent. I found the clamping to be too pinch-y for my tastes, but again….I’m not really a BDSM person. Even when using the adjustments on the clamps, it always felt too pinch-y.

So, for science, knowing that other people do like clamps on other parts of their body I experimented a bit. If you look at the Gemini website, you’ll see that using it as a clit clamp is suggested. I put the clamps on my cock at the glans and along the shaft. I didn’t feel the pinchiness like I did with my nipples (I guess they’re overly sensitive!) and had both clamps attached. It felt great…like a Gush mini. Maybe I do like a bit of BDSM…. Anyway, the vibrations were strong and there were no issues with using the toy through the app. I didn’t get to use it with a cam show, since that would have reveled the toy a bit early but it should also work for cam sites that support Lovense toys.

For those of you who do like nipple play and a bit of BDSM, I think you’ll really enjoy the Gemini. I think it provides cammers with some different options for cam shows and can be quite titillating for those of you who are sensitive in your nipples (as well as other areas…hehe).

Disclosure: I was asked by Lovense to review the toy and provide a review. The toy was provided to me at no cost. I am not paid or employed by Lovense. I don’t receive any referral money, bonuses, special anything for providing this review nor as a moderator. The review was not edited by Lovense prior to it being posted and it is my personal thoughts.
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Level 9
12 months ago
cool good to know, i been thinking of getting it. the cost is very affordable for many also, it should do well .