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#Tips & Tricks Back from 3 month break.. need advice on room..
Hi fellow cammers! So like I haven't been live since May as I took a break from camming. Mom got diagnosed with Lung Cancer, small cell, so I decided to put my life aside and put her recovery and treatment first. Thank FUCK she is in full remission now and I can focus on my life again. <3

It's just so weird camming again, like it's fucking lovely seeing all the regulars and friends that I have made during the two years of camming, like really fucking amazing!! But like I feel like I need to reinvent my room it feels old... Any tips and tricks? I'm not very tech savvy either, so any tips would be awesome!

All my love <3
5 replies
Level 11
10 months ago
I hope your mother makes a full recovery and that you get back to doing what you love. xoxoxox kitty
Level 7
10 months ago
Hope she is getting better.
10 months ago
hope everything works out well for both of you xxx

ans welcome back to cam101 x
Level 16
7 months ago
how are you doing?
Level 10
7 months ago
Also feeling the need to reinvent.

Solo dudes seem to have a set look right.