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#Tech help Banned No reason or Even warning..
Hi there guys.I have been on Chaturbate for over a year no issues and been happy with the site..I tried to log on as usual and my account is banned.Never got a warning or been in any trouble with them.Also no explanation via email or anything.

I have appealed via their form however no reply..

Anyone had this issue and how can i resolve it?

Would truly appreciate help as i like the platform.
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Level 44
1 month ago
Sorry to hear, would just try to keep mailing them and also try there twitter, hopefully they wil help you!
Level 16
1 month ago
sometimes the ban is only temporary, and is lifted after you agree to specific terms that you may have unknowingly violated. i have done this multiple times before, i had a toy gun in the background of a show once, i had a photo of a family member visible (oops), tv was visible another time, etc
they always respond within 24 hours so i wouldn't stress about it too much, for now, i hope it works out for you
replied to tankgi_rl:
4 weeks ago
Thank you for your response..Its been 3days no response from them..
Level 5
3 weeks ago
@sexyspooke and @tankgi_irl. just an update i was unbanned and got my account back..I was banned because someone whom they deemed as a minor walked in the room while i stepped out...however i had also privated my room so no viewer would have came on without a password....When i take a bathroom break or step out quickly i normally leave it on private meaning anyone who wants to come in needs the password...I had to apeal and declare that it will not happen again and within minutes i got the account back..Lost a weeks of work but hey at least am on..Anyone who encounters this problem in the future just keep on emailing i was emailing once a have suck a large following and i did not start from scratch from elsewhere..
replied to Chocolate808:
2 weeks ago
thanks for the update, this is what happened to me, too, i was in a private show when i turned the camera and the family photo was visible. i believe they use some type of face recognition software to monitor all streams, so by default if anyone's face besides yours, or other verified broadcasters on your account, shows up in the stream it's like an automatic process that begins with the bans and warnings and what not. sorry this happened to you ! best of luck moving forward and plz don't be afraid to ask if u have any other questions, comments, concerns, whatver lol we're here for you!!!