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#Course Creating the Correct Camming Mindset
I've been camming for 20 years.

I've watched two of your videos so far they are amazing and spot on, and really accurate of why I've camming for 20 years and counting.
Creating the Correct Camming Mindset
This course stresses the importance of creating and nurturing a healthy mindset prior, during, and after streaming. Sissylucylove explains how to be in the best mindset to allow yourself to own your room and create a long lasting brand. By taking this course, you will have a better understanding of the importance of staying true to yourself and creating a strong mindset in your camming career.
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Level 14
1 year ago
Wow! then I appreciate it even more that you agreed with the points I tried to make! You probably have seen it all in this industry! eheh ^^ thank you! :)
Minnie St. Claire
replied to Sissylucylove:
1 year ago
You said the things I struggle to find the words to say.

I just naturally do them when I am online. I'm more cam model then teacher.
Level 34
1 year ago
Couldn't agree more Minnie! Sissylucelove's second course is on Cam101 now and gives A TON of extremely useful information for every cam model.