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#Tech help #Streaming software OBS connecting to chaterbate question
i know i am asking lots of newbie questions.. i am trying to connect OBS to chaterbate.. while it does connect i dont see myself on the cam. instread just techincal info... that said i think views can see as one posted in chat as if he could see me.( caught me a lttle of guard as im sat in my PJ's not looking sexy lol.. anyway my question is. Is that normal? does OBS stream not show on the CB page for me? seems like that would make camming difficult as i wont be able to see myself to make sure the cam is where it should be? or am i missing something? this is what i see.
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Level 35
2 weeks ago
Yes that is normal, like the image says your stream is "public" so live. There is a setting that you can put a cam overlay on your screen, youtube has info on how to.😊
replied to SexySpookje:
2 weeks ago
Thanks. I’m trying to figure out how to stream cb and cam4 at the same time. And see the chat for both. And see me. Lol. I feel like I have 5 tabs open and it’s too much to keep a flow going. Thank you for the replay.
Moderator replied to Freeballerxxx:
3 days ago
Are you using StreamMaster and the Chatbox function? The Chatbox is in the main menu on the left hand side of the settings page.