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20 hours ago
re the comment by SexySpookje, when you give camera control to a fan, can you have boundaries set for how far they can move the camera?
for instance limiting a field of view to just the area that you are working in, and not allow them to look around the room that you are in
replied to Daryl.Rose:
14 hours ago
Yes I have used this and you can set the degrees of control and then when you set it the camera moves the full distance to show you what can be seen. Then you can change it if you don't like the amount of the room the user can see.
Admin replied to Daryl.Rose:
16 hours ago
You can read in the article that is all Customized Control: You can define the maximum angle of rotation that viewers can influence. Additionally, you can set the rate of tokens per second, determining the duration of control based on the number of tokens tipped.
But it is preferable your pets are in another room while working, I suppose...
Level 39
2 days ago
I personally would be carefull with this, if you have pets walking around you want to keep those out of the frame cause they can get you banned.
2 months ago
Hey guys, if you choose yes, please check the top left corner of the Cam Extension, a new cashback program has been activated for you!
2 months ago
More details about how VibeMate Rebate works:

1. After enabling VibeMate Rebate, when a tipper tips an amount that triggers a vibration of more than 10 seconds, VibeMate will randomly generate several surprise gifts. Each surprise gift is a 2-second vibration. Vibration gifts can only be used in your current live room and will not carry over to your next stream.
2. Regular tip vibrations will be prioritised before surprise gift vibrations, ensuring a seamless tipping experience for your viewers.
3. When a user claims a surprise gift, you will receive a certain number of toy rebate points.
4. Toy Rebate points can be converted into cash rewards. Once the toy rebate points reach 20% of the total points, you can choose to apply for a cash withdrawal.
5. The feature can be disabled at any time. Once closed, no more surprise gifts will be generated. However, if viewers have surprise gift vibrations in their possession, they can still use them within the gift's time limit.

Also, we have dedicated groups for customer support that you can add if you have any questions or difficulties during the setting process, by clicking the links or scanning these QR codes: