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Stripchat Money Making Tips
July 03, 2023
This article provides tips for cam models to earn money on Stripchat, including improving their visibility through a steady broadcasting schedule, promoting themselves to gain more followers, offering various activities for users, and participating in contests that offer cash prizes and StripPoints.

Earning money

The more users you have in your room watching your show, the more chances you have to earn good money. While there is no secret sauce for generating traffic, some tips can help improve a model’s position on the page, thus making her visible to more users and potential visitors to the room.

  • Keep a broadcasting schedule and stick to it. The more hours you work, the better your position on the site will be, which means more traffic. Also, by keeping a steady schedule, you get your users accustomed to it, and that could increase your regulars. We recommend a shift of at least 6 hours long.
  • Be sure to work hard to promote yourself and to make users add you to their Favorites and Friends lists. If you’re in someone’s Favorites, you will appear at the top of their page when you go online. Another very powerful tool is the “Notify me when online” function. This will notify users via email and push notifications when you come online.
  • Create an excellent and detailed profile. Use all the tools at your disposal: described Tip Menu, background photo or video, public galleries of photos or videos, and detailed Goal and Topic. All of these features account for your StripScore, which is an indicator of your development that also ranks you on the site. So the higher StripScore, the higher your positioning on the site will be. Also, having a complete profile section will trigger users’ interest in you and could even prompt them to send you offline tips.
  • Before going online, you can choose different activities in the fields “In public shows I do / In Private shows I also do”. The more activities selected, the more chances that users can find your stream.
  • If you have a special show planned, our admins got you covered promotion-wise. Drop a line at [email protected], and he will spread the word and promote your stream on our social media.

Ways of earning money on Stripchat

  • Online tips:

users can tip you while you're broadcasting as an appreciation or for a request. Make sure you list your activities' prices in your Tip Menu so that users know how much to pay for each request.

  • Offline tips:

users can send you tips even when you are not online.

  • Topic/Goal:

this is the incentive for members to leave tips in your chat room. Make it up to them with a show they wouldn't easily forget.

  • Epic goal: you can get your audience to help you raise money to achieve a unique goal. Unlike average goals, Epic goals will always be available, so users can tip to help you reach them, even when you’re offline.
  • Private show: you set your price per minute, and the requester enjoys an intimate show with you. However, spies can enter the Private Show.
  • Exclusive Private show: similar to a private show, but no one is allowed to spy on this type of show. It includes extra activities and allows users to enable Cam2Cam with you.
  • Private show recordings: you can record your Private shows and save them to your video gallery. If you choose to publish them, you can do so under a paid video status and therefore make some extra cash.
  • Record show: you can allow recording of your public and Private shows to have some passive income. Users can record them and keep a copy in their galleries.
  • Spies: users with tokens can sneak a peek into what’s going on in your room for free only once in the first 10 seconds, and if they are left wanting to see more, they have to pay your set price to continue spying. They cannot chat, only watch.
  • Group show: this is like a Private show, but an unlimited group of people can join. You decide and set your preferred price, and users pay per minute. Let them know whether the show will start immediately or in 10 minutes, and prepare for the fun.
  • Ticket show: it’s a regular Group show, but instead of setting your rate per minute, you set a fixed price that users must pay with their tips once you announce the show to join.
  • Sell your content: not only do you have a choice to create public albums for all users or just Friends, but also paid albums for anyone willing to give tokens. Add your best shots and videos, set the price, and get some passive income.
  • Interactive toys: you can connect your Lovense and Kiiroo toys to Stripchat, set the reaction time and vibration level, and have them react to tips.
  • Fan Clubs: this is a subscription service that you can enable anytime to get passive income monthly from your loyal fans.
  • Feed: this is a section where you can create your posts to share with users who have you in Favorites. The best part is that users can even send you tips through Feed.
  • Referral Program: Earn additional $$ by bringing in your fans and other models to the platform with our Referral Program. You’ll earn:
    • A 20% revenue share whenever referred fans purchase tokens on our website
    • A one-time reward when a referred non-studio model earns at least $200 and gets a payout (note: you must also be a non-studio model)
  • Model contests: we run contests for our hardworking performers, such as the 3-Hour and Monthly Contest. Every model is eligible to participate; by broadcasting, you will automatically be taking part in them. And we give away $24,000 monthly in the concept of contest money.

3-Hour Contest

The 3-Hour Contest is held every 3 hours. It's based on the number of unique paying users and token earnings models get within that period. Offline tips and tokens obtained from monetized content do not count.

  • The top 5000 models (based on token income) will receive StripPoints every 3 hours, and likewise, Monthly Contest results will be based on the number of StripPoints.
  • Models who broadcast during Boost Time earn double StripPoints. You can check Boost Time for girls, men, couples, and trans.
  • In addition to StripPoints, the top 5 winners will receive cash prizes. They are paid according to the frequency of the payment method chosen for the payout and credited to your Stripchat account. They will appear in your earnings page under the Type “Won in contest”.
  • All winners of the 3-Hour Contests are listed here: Models can see their current place every 3 hours on the left (the current place is only shown for the Top 5000).

Place taken | Points received

1 1000 (+$20)

2 900 (+$10)

3 800 (+$5)

4 750 (+$5)

5 700 (+$5)

6 650

7 600

8 550

9 500

10 450

11-15 400

16-20 350

21-30 300

31-40 250

41-50 200

51-75 180

76-100 160

101-150 140

151-200 120

201-250 100

251-300 90

301-350 80

351-400 70

401-500 60

501-600 50

601-700 40

701-800 30

801-900 20

901-1000 10

1001-1250 8

1251-1500 7

1501-2000 6

2001-2500 5

2501-3000 4

3001-3500 3

3501-4000 2

4001-5000 1

Monthly Contest

The Monthly Contest is based on the number of StripPoints models collected during the month. There are four categories: Girls, Couples, Guys, and Trans. That’s why you must select the correct broadcaster gender before going live to ensure that your StripPoints are counted and stored in the correct gender category.

  • The top 100 models are shown according to their number of StripPoints received within the actual month.
  • If several models have the same number of StripPoints in the Current Month Top, then these models will be sorted according to the amount of time they have been broadcasting.
  • Prizes are paid according to the frequency of the payment method chosen for payout and credited to your Stripchat account. They will appear on your earnings page under the Type “Won in contest”.
  • All winners of the Monthly Contests are listed here in the Girls, Couples, Guys, and Trans tabs:

Place | Prize for Girls ($)

1 1000

2 500

3 250

4-10 100

11-20 75

21-40 50

41-60 40

61-80 30

81-100 20

Place | Prize for Couples, Guys & Trans ($)

1 1000

2 500

3 250

4-5 100

6-10 50

11-20 25

Models will be ranked in our Hall of Fame according to all the StripPoints they got in the year. The Hall of Fame will be regularly updated, given the situation with StripPoints, and at the end of every year, we will know the eventual winners. Being in the Hall of Fame encompasses getting more traffic, as users love to see the best-ranked models, and the three top models will also get a special badge in their thumbnails.

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