#New member Tips on what to do in stream?
Hello! i face an issue with just sitting there and putting my face up to the camera till someone tips me and i get bored lol but what do you guys do in your streams? do you play games? do you work out? and how do you set up your goals? sorry i have a lot of questions lol
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3 days ago
You definitely don't want to just sit there staring into the camera like a weirdo. LOL. I would suggest come up with a "show" and have an idea of how long it will last. Such as you'll start in a specific outfit and things you will do as tip goals are met. You'll want to use apps for tip goals or other viewer interactive games. Ask questions to the viewers. Some people like to watch you do things...shower, clean (in the nude), yoga, etc. so you can also get other things done depending on who your viewers are and if that's a niche you want to cater to. Also figure out when the best time is to stream. If you want to cater to a niche crowd and only at might not have a lot of people. Also check out the "Courses" section for more tips and check out the Discord server and ask questions there too (
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2 days ago
Awesome!! love this!!! thank you !! im going to check out discord too i did see that around here thanks :)

and yes! i totally look like a crazy person just smiling in the camera forever lmao!!
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3 days ago
I have tried playing fall guys and wildlife, thats def fun! Goals all depend on the site your streaming on.
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2 days ago
I will check that out thank you :)
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2 days ago
For me I find doing shows while doing normal household tasks tend to work well. What I mean by this is like waking up in the morning and making your bed, heading to the kitchen to fix breakfast. or even at night during shower/bath time. I usually do these things either topless or in some cases fully naked. Once I see I get some people watching then I greet them with nice conversation and chat. Anyway, it is all about what works best for each person.
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24 hours ago
yes!!! this worked for me! thank you!