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Bueno les cuento, al principio yo intente trabajar sola por unos dias y la verdad aunque hacia de todo, no me daban ni un tk, asi que empece a trabajar con mi pareja, pero el tampoco sabia que hacer y le dio mucho miedo, asi que literal no se le paraba ni con viagra, y se le puso tam pequeño que pensabamos que se le habia muerto jajajajajajajaja, casi que nos sentamos a llorar y el estudio en el que estabamos no nos prestaba ni atencion ni ayuda, asi que nos toco mirar si podiamos solos, pero las cuestiones del pago nos estaban volviendo locos y nada nos salia bien, asi que una noche estando ya muy aburridos y a punto de darnos por vencido, buscamos en internet otro estudio y conseguimos uno genial, pensabamos en que eramos capaces de hacer de todo y aunque ha sido mas dificil de lo que pensabamos, ahora nos ha ido muy bien y de a poco hemos salido adelante!!! y respecto al lovens, ganarlo seria de gran ayuda pues aun no llevamos mucho tiempo y queremos darle un giro a nuestro room...
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2 weeks ago
Que rica chiquita
Dominus Rider
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2 weeks ago
That’s an amazing story! Yes damming is very overwhelming. Then ad the fact that you are in a strange place for the first time can be challenging. Tell your partner not to be embarrassed. I tried Viagra and it didn’t work. My doctor gave me 100mg and that didn’t work. What works is connecting with each other. Making eye contact with each other and creating that safe place emotionally with each other. He probably felt like he let you down and he was disappointed in himself. It’s comp,Evelyn normal. I’m glad you both found a studio that works for you! Would you mind if I translate your story to English because people would rate to this on this platform
Dominus Rider
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2 weeks ago
Translation: Well let me tell you, at first I tried to work only a few days and the truth is that even though I did everything, they didn't even give me a tk, so I started working with my partner, but he didn't. He didn't know what to do either and it scared him a lot, so he literally didn't even stop him with viagra, and he stayed so small that we thought he had died hahahahahahahaha, we almost sat down to cry and the studio didn't pay us any attention or help, like that that it was up to us to see if we could do it on our own, but the payment issues were driving us crazy and nothing was going well for us, so one night, already very bored and about to give up, we looked for another studio on the internet and found a great one, we We thought we were capable of doing everything and although it has been more difficult than we thought, now it has gone very well for us and little by little we have been advancing. !!! And as for the lovens, winning it would be a great help because we haven'